All the  our moisturisers are handpicked from the wild that has calming properties that provides instant boost to the skin.

A creamy facial scrub with the ingredients that itself speaks for themselves in the purest and the boldest form.

A well- rounded regimen by Truveda will ensure you to have an unbeatable beard keeping it soft and shiny.

Tea tree & Mint Body wash

Truveda Tea Tree & Mint body wash is blended by mixing dollops of natural ingredients to create a luxurious texture.



Charcoal Peel off Mask


The purposely formulated dual action charcoal peel off mask extracts out the excess oil and dirt along with rejuvenating the skin with nature’s best minerals and nutrients. Peel off the dull, tiring skin and revel out a new, soft glowing one within 20-25 minutes.

Rose Neroli Hand Bar


Essential oil coming straight from the flowers of an orange tree handpicked and carefully blended with the aromatic oil extracted from the rose. Gently wash your hands and delight your senses with our exclusive Truveda Rose Neroli hand soap. The luxurious bar cleanses your hand without over-drying them and hydrates the skin leaving behind a fresh floral scent.

Argan Oil

1,500.00 1,125.00 25% Off

The precious oil extracted from the Argan seed is considered as a natural conditioner and moisturizer that combat aging. Rich in vitamin E, natural fatty acids and Omega 6, it nourishes, hydrates and revitalizes your hair and skin. The exotic, precious blend of argan oil can be easily absorbed and works deep along the layers of the skin to replenish youthful glow and its cleansing action makes it a valuable component of your hair care regime. Apply directly or use in combination with essential oils such as rosemary, lavender, or tea tree to make an invigorating moisturizer or hair serum.

Rooted-Ecological Initiative

We believe in nurturing the green to ensure beautiful and healthy human beings. That’s why the Truveda team along with its partners has started a Rooted campaign that aims at reviving the Mother Nature with tree plantation and nurturing drive. Our mission is to prevent ancient tree & plant species from extinction and bringing the best of their ayurvedic benefits for the contemporary beauty needs. We firmly believe that partnership and collaboration hold the key to success, and we work with investors, in-country partners and communities to achieve our conservation and environment revival goals. A share of every product we sell will be utilized to fund this campaign and utilize it for the betterment of not just the human society, but of the environment as a whole.


  • Feels like my skin is getting some quality natural treatment afterall.

    Kirti Sinha Journalist
  • Nothing compares with the Truveda Beard Wax. It helps me all Day.

    Bijoy Das Male Model


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