How to use activated charcoal for clear skin?

How to use activated charcoal for clear skin and healthy hair?

The bright sunny morning may lure you to step out and enjoy the sunshine, but what pollution
outside does to your skin and hair might trap you inside your home. The pollution makes your
hair brittle and rough and becomes the reason for acne, psoriasis, or eczema. Well, we’ve just
got a secret how you can defend yourself against hair and skin disorders. And that’s activated
Activated charcoal has the innate quality of trapping multitude of toxins with an ease. But, how
can it help you detoxify your skin and vitalize your hair? Let’s just dive in:

Cleans the clogged skin pores

When the dirt particles clog the skin pores, it leads to blackheads and acne. Such flawed skin
may darken your complexion. Cleaning the face twice a day with charcoal activated face wash
or scrub which extracts the excessive oil and dirt, which causes pimples, locked inside the skin
pores. Flushing out the impurities from skin pores, activated charcoal leaves behind only the
beautiful and radiant skin.

Strips only the excess oils

Excess oil on scalp and the sebum on skin bring all the woes to us. The face mask and the hair
shampoo contained with the activated charcoal can resolve all your issues. Activated charcoal
binds with your skin and hair when applied for a few minutes and sticks to the dirt particles,
which sweeps away in one wash. It also absorbs excess oil and sebum which aggravates the skin
and hair issues. However, use it only once or twice a week as the excessive use of activated
charcoal may absorb all the oil from your skin and hair leaving both rough and brittle

Bring volume and shine to hair

What are the main causes of hair loss? The grime and pollutants stick to the hair, of course.
Ordinary shampooing routine remains ineffective, but not Charcoal. Charcoal pulls all of it from
hair leaving the clear and healthy scalp and hair strands. Healthy scalp leads to healthy,
voluminous, and long hair, which is the dream of every man and woman. Use it no more than
thrice a month and feel the difference within 6 months.
The proper cleaning and conditioning are important for keeping skin and hair healthy. And,
there is no better cleanser than activated charcoal. However, please consult your dermatologist
before using activated charcoal as it may not suit every skin and hair type.

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