Prepping up the skin for monsoon

Monsoon is here and it’s water, mud, mosquitoes, and insects everywhere. The rain might be lovely and refreshing, but the humidity along with the aforementioned things can do all the mess with anybody’s ongoing skin care routine. But in this misty muddy season what generally gets a miss is the glow on our face and skin. Most of the people tend to laden up the skin with numerous of cosmetics in order to look good. But instead, end up making the condition even worse as even the best of cosmetics do no good when the condition of skin from inside is completely troubled due to the climatic conditions outside. Here are a few tips and solutions to ensure the perfect skin radiance all through the monsoon: 

Make CTM your daily routine: In the monsoon season, especially after the rain when the sun is shining and its moisture and after- monsoon mud and germs everywhere.  To ensure the best of makeup effect during this time, it’s necessary to make the skin healthy and makeup-friendly first. For this, one needs to get into the cleansing, toning and moisturizing (CTM) practice at least once in a day. This will not only even out the skin tone but will also make the makeup reflect out more beautifully with the natural facial shine. While selecting the beauty and cosmetic products make sure to invest on the quality products depending on the skin type as, otherwise, it can backfire on you making you look like a complete havoc. 

Get into healthy diets: Nothing takes away the skin’s shine as badly as the unhealthy diets and lifestyle habits like drinking alcohol and smoking does. Make it a point to be regular with diets filled with juicy fruits, green leafy vegetables and plenty of water. Proper workout or yoga routines are also necessary to clean out the inner body toxins and impurities. Try to avoid sugary and oily things as much as you can as they bring in the problems of the dull skin, pimples, and puffiness around eyes, wrinkles and weight gain. 

Scrub out the impurities: Before makeup, always prep up the skin with deep cleaning and exfoliation. Invest in the scrubs as exfoliation of skin is necessary to remove the deeply stuck impurities and dead skin cells. This makes the skin look fresh and perfect. While using a scrub, always remember to not overuse it as it will remove all the moisture from the skin leaving it completely dry, rough and at times patchy. 

Wipe off with care: While wiping off the makeup at the end of the day, it’s advised to be extra careful and not to be lazy and careless with the process. Because it’s not just the makeup that is there on the face, also there are layers of impurities and dust left behind by the rain. After removing the makeup properly with the wipes, then forget not to get into the regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine. Night cream application on the parts exposed to the outer environment should be a routine otherwise it will leave the skin dry and itchy. For extra care and protection, it’s advised to indulge in facial and body clean up along with soothing spa treatments. 

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