All the products in our moisturising creams are handpicked from the wild that has calming properties that provides instant boost to the skin. The range of body care items includes moisturising creams for face along with flavored lip balm and
scrub enriched in Vitamin E. Products are handcrafted specifically for the body, including moisturizing creams for face along with flavored lip balm and scrub enriched in Vitamin E. Our experts are constantly working to create Nature-intelligent formulas incorporating all the knowledge of Ayurveda. The range of products are customarily designed for each unique customer and their needs. Infused with oxygen technology and essential cold-pressed oils, this formula helps deliver oxygen into your hair strands as well as in the body skin.

Grapefruit Moisturiser

It supplies your skin sufficient water, moisture, oil and other nutrients vital to keep skin healthy, and flawless. Trueveda’s Grapefruit Moisturiser contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Pantothenic acid extracted from handpicked grapefruits, which detoxifies skin to lighten the blemishes and pigmentation.


Grapefruit Moisturiser Intense

This grapefruit moisturizer is especially formulated for sensitive skin. It not only fights dryness and redundant flakiness of skin through hydration but also lightens the dark spots under the knee and armpits with Vitamin C. For best results; use twice a day.


Vitamin E Lipbalm

The sheer Truveda Lip Balm holds a ton of moisture intact that gently heals the chapped and dry lips. Two coats of Truveda lip balm can last upto 12 hours protecting lips from harmful air-pollutants. It is unified with cucumber, beeswax, fruit-extracts, and enriched with other nutrients to nourish inflamed and dried lips.


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