A creamy facial scrub with the ingredients that itself speaks for themselves in the purest and the boldest form. Each of the ingredients play a vital role in the skin care and maintenance process. Investing in good face products is amazingly imperative as it’s the face which bears the brunt of being uncovered to the dirt and pollution in comparison to other body parts. Our Natural Foaming Face Scrub is concocted to take care of all the skin types. The scrubs are infused with the essence of Neem and Tea Tree which helps in cultivating the complexion of the face without any damage. It is formulated with special cleansing agents that help in purifying even sensitive skin. A wide selection of Truveda face scrubs are presented in vibrant colored bottles which you can hardly resist.

Charcoal Mud Facescrub

Truveda Charcoal Mud Scrub mildly exfoliates the skin to pull out the dirt and impurities tugged deep down the clogged pores. The activated charcoal mud controls the excessive oil and sebum that causes pimples and sebaceous filaments. Use it once or twice a week.


Coffee Facescrub

Truveda Coffee Scrub gives an instant charm and glow to your skin. The crushed coffee beans in Truveda Coffee Scrub are the sources of rich anti-oxidants that protect skin against harmful free radicals. It boosts circulation and promotes cell regeneration.


Pomegranate Facescrub

Truveda Pomegranate Scrub is prepared from hand-picked pomegranates from organic farms in India, furnished with Ayurvedic expertise. It gently exfoliates the skin rubbing out the dirt and supplies the rich pomegranate nutrients to the skin. It enlivens the dull skin from within and gives a clear and spotless skin tone. Use Truveda’s Grapefruit moisturiser to soothe the skin.


Teatree mint Facescrub

In every drop of Truveda Tea Tree Mint Scrub, anti-bacterial properties of Tea tree oil cure the skin disorders while mint extracts pampers the skin. The excessive oil on face leads to pimples and acne breakouts. It tenderly strips down the excessive oil from your skin while retaining the natural oil. Use it twice a week for a clearer skin tone.


Vanilla Lipscrub

Truveda Vanilla Lip Scrub exfoliates the chapped and dry lips while nourishing at the same time. The sugar crystals remove the dead skin cells, vanilla being a great source of anti-oxidant prevents discoloration of lips while Jojoba & Rosemary oil leaves behind the moisturized lips. Use it twice or thrice a week to get smooth and soft lips.


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