Charcoal Face Bar

Charcoal has been into medicinal use for thousands of years. The soap works incredibly well on oily or acne-prone skin. Breathe back life into your skin with the activated Charcoal soap with excellent absorbency, natural detoxifying face & body cleanser. It  also it pulls the unwanted excess oils from your skin and removes impurities, leaving it smooth and flawless.

SaleCitrus Mimosa Hand Bar

Citrus Mimosa Hand Bar

Featuring a natural, refreshing citrus mimosa scent, the body soap is a mixture of orange peel and lemon that nourishes the skin gently and enhances mood and emotional balance. The leaves and bark of Mimosa have the gift to reduce redness and relieve discomfort. The oil extracted from Mimosa particularly beneficial to oily as well as sensitive skins or those with irritation.

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Olive & Argan Bar

Tame your under-toned skin with the richness of olive extracts and rejuvenate the sheer glowing beauty within you. Trueveda Olive soap is rich in Vitamin E and are helpful in nourishing, cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting the skin against the signs of ageing. Olive Oil provides vitamins and fatty acids which leave skin soft and supple.


Rose Neroli Hand Bar

Essential oil coming straight from the flowers of an orange tree handpicked and carefully blended with the aromatic oil extracted from the rose. Gently wash your hands and delight your senses with our exclusive Truveda Rose Neroli hand soap. The luxurious bar cleanses your hand without over-drying them and hydrates the skin leaving behind a fresh floral scent.


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