Regain the lost luster of your hair using simple tips

Regain the lost luster of your hair with these simple and quick tips

Premature graying and the dullness of hair is everyone’s nightmare. Nobody likes the grey, dull,
and brittle hair; be it a man or woman. To avoid the haphazard, people spend a large sum of
money of the expensive shampoos, hair oils, conditioners, and medical treatments. But, the
results are often disappointing. All the medications and treatments lead to another nightmare hair
loss. Medicines, oils, shampoos etc., are never fit for all. Their suitability depends on the
hair type. People often look for some natural and herbal ways to bring life to their dull and dry
hair. Here we have jotted down some tips to regain the lost hair luster:

Massage with coconut oil

Coconut oil contains fatty acids and vitamins that are essential for the overall growth of hair. It
also provides proper nourishment to the tensed hair scalp by pouring deep into the hair
follicles. It removes the excessive sebum but provides enough nourishment to the dry and itchy

Say “No” to hot water

Hot water damages the hair by stripping them off from the essential natural oils. However,
steam is a good way to cleanse the hair and remove the dirt and dust particles entangled in the
hair strands. You can periodically take hair steam, but washing it with hot water is disastrous
for your hair.

Hydration is a must

Our body requires an ample supply of water to keep all the organs in proper functioning.
Therefore, your hair also is in a dire need of water and nutrition. The dullness and dryness of
your hair are signs of poor diet and hair care routine. Therefore, you must increase the fluid
intake to provide the hair much-needed nourishment from within. Also, use a good hair
hydrating conditioner, which can keep the moisture locked within the hair strands

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