Your pleasant shopping experience with us is our prime goal. We take complete responsibility if you have any issues with the delivered product such as:

  1. Received damaged product
  2. Received different product than what was ordered
  3. Received product of expiry date
  4. Received product with broken packaging.

We can exchange or return the product as per your choice. You are required to give us a call at phone number or write an email to us at email address about the grievance soon after the delivery or within 24 hours. The product will be exchanged or returned within 4-5 business days while the refund process may take up to 8-20 days.

Please note that the product can only be exchanged if it is in the proper condition of saleable. No original packaging, receipt, or any other tag of the product should be removed or damaged if you request it to be exchanged or returned. However, we are not responsible for the return or exchange of products which are damaged after delivery. If you opened the product and used it for even once, we are not liable to either accept the return or exchange the product.

In case of product return, the amount will be refunded within 8-20 days:

  1. In your bank account if you made the payment through Net Banking, Debit Card, or Credit Card.
  2. Through a cheque drawn on your name and dispatched at your billing address if you made the payment through Cash on Delivery (COD).

Please note that the refund amount shall not include the delivery charges. Also, the proper check and examination of the delivered product would be done by the team  Truveda before accepting your return or exchange requests.

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