4 Tips for to-be grooms to dazzle on their D-Day

4 Tips for to-be grooms to dazzle on their D-Day
Barely anyone realizes that to-be grooms are as excited and obsessed with their looks as the
brides are. The only difference is many of the guys do not explicitly express their excitement.
From their wedding outfit to their jawlines, they are very particular to every aspect of their
personality, which would attract the wedding spotlights. The memories of once in a lifetime
experience should be flawless, memorable, and dazzling where the couple looks perfectly made
for each other. When the brides are busy in making their skin and hair wedding-ready, why
should guys lag behind? Here we have prepared a full-fledged skin care plan for the grooms,
which would set all the eyes on them:
Avoid seeing the sun for radiance:
True that Sun gives you vitamin D, the overexposure to the sunlight may also give you sunburns
and tanning. And these sunburns and tanning do not go away easily and quickly. So, avoid going
out in sunlight at least a month prior to your wedding. And when you do step out, do not forget
to apply SPF sun cream and lotion.
Stay hydrated in and out:
Water is an all-in-one solution to all skin and hair related problems. It vitalizes your skin and
makes it radiant and smooth. For this, you must drink a lot of water and focus on the
consumption of your daily fluid intake. Also, use hydrating body lotion after bathing. To hydrate
your hair and scalp, the best you can do is hair massage with coconut oil, lavender oil, and
almond oil.
Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing:
The wedding preparation eats up almost all of your time; you may not get time to take care of
your skin. A proper cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine as recommended by your
dermatologist can do wonders to your skin. Go for homemade scrubs such as a paste of besan,
baking soda, and milk for exfoliating the skin. You can also opt for exfoliating scrubs made up
with natural ingredients to cleanse your skin. Dark pigmentation and uneven skin tone may
spoil your dazzling look on your wedding day. Therefore, take timely facials before your
wedding day that would tone and moisturize your skin from within.
Style the beard:
The Indian grooms with fine beard steal the grand show on their D-day. If you are also up for
the beard look, make sure you take proper care of beard. The hygiene and healthy growth of
the beard requires a lot of efforts and time. Use a beard wash shampoo to clean the grime from
the beard and brings luster to it. Don’t forget to trim it every week lest it should look dense and

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